Here is a list of those that have given Ed the GIFT of happiness.

Ed thanks you all from the bottom of his heart.

  • Ethan And Zachary Marketing LLC
  • Robert Ray from Dallas, TX
  • Go Visit Paul at! He is still up and running and needs you to drive him nuts.
  • Thomas B from Aurora, CO
  • Lothar of the Hill People from Royal Oak, MI
  • Zenwaiter from Quebec, Canada
  • Marshall D. from Kure Beach, NC
  • Unknown from Phoenix, AZ
  • Scott J. from Dracut, MA - thanks for the chain letter but I don't think I will go that route.
  • Ron K. at you want a Hummer like me then check out this site!)
  • Geert B. from Unknown
  • J Carl C. from San Jose, CA
  • Michael B. from Unknown
  • Dubravko E. at (a very cool site with free images to download)
  • Dan K. from Tempe, AZ
  • Mary L. from Unkown
  • Lawrence S. from Unknown
  • Mike L. from Unknown
  • Ivan K. from Bay Area, CA
  • Derek and Layla D. from Irving, TX
  • Susan N. from Unknown
  • DJ Dan at
  • Rick W. from Dallas, TX
  • - dead
  • Unknown from Tulsa, OK
  • Larry M. from San Pedro, CA
  • David D.from Princeton, NJ
  • Jeffrey G. from San Diego, CA
  • Mark R. from Unknown
  • Dana R. from Unknown
  • Tom W. from Unknown
  • William V. from Unknown
  • Rob R. from Dallas, TX
  • Thomas B. from Aurora, CO
  • Ben S. from Unknown
  • Matthew M. from Millville, NJ
  • Tricia M. from Jacksonville, FL
  • Matthew F. from Unknown
  • Donald M. from Unknown
  • Matt S. from Champaign, IL
  • Michelle E. from Boca Raton, FL
  • Unknown from Wailuku, HI
  • Matthew W. from Millville, NJ
  • - dead
  • - dead

  • Robert Ray (This guy has been very cool and likes helping out those in need.)
    P.O. Box 130929
    Dallas, Tx 75313-0929

  • Espie D. from VA
  • Daniel B. from Clark, NJ
  • Steve H. from College Park, MD
  • Russel B. from Merrimac, MA
  • A.O. from College Station, TX
  • Kevin L. from TX
  • Tedd U. from Houston, TX
  • Bob C. from Dallas, TX
  • Rob from
  • Calvin G. from Carrollton, TX (requested that his money goes towards Snoop Dogg CDs)
  • Keo V. from TX
  • Eric J. from TX
  • Shannon Y. of Vancouver, WA
  • The foundation for vehicular empowerment
  • The Martin Agency - Richmond, VA
          John Adams - Richmond, VA
          Greg Zuercher - Richmond, VA
          Kelly Carson - Richmond, VA
          Kerry Feuerman - Richmond, VA
          Rob Schapiro - Richmond, VA
          Kevin Ragland - Richmond, VA
          Ty Harper - Richmond, VA
          Joe Nagy - Richmond, VA
          Brad Gilmore - Richmond, VA
          Josh Gold - Richmond, VA
          Mark Peterson - Richmond, VA
          Mark Braddock - Richmond, VA
          Carla Rogers - Richmond, VA
          Kathy Snead - Richmond, VA
          Chris Shumaker - Richmond, VA
          Brooke Coleman - Richmond, VA
          Randy Freisner - Richmond, VA
          Warren Foster - Richmond, VA
          Dave Parrish - Richmond, VA
          Christine Branin - Richmond, VA
          Robbie Wagner - Richmond, VA
          Kristen Erwin - Richmond, VA
          Troy Rackley - Richmond, VA
          Chris Robertson - Richmond, VA
          Joe Tomaszewski - Richmond, VA
          Ben Eley - Richmond, VA
          Judd Burnette - Richmond, VA
          Emma Underwood - Richmond, VA
          Tim Anderson - Richmond, VA
          Ann Glenn - Richmond, VA
          Dean Jarrett - Richmond, VA
  • J. McGill of Garland, TX
  • Linda M., the cool librarian.
  • Mr. Grissaffi of Dallas, TX
  • Danielle M. of San Jose, CA
  • Jerry C. of GA
  • Curtis F. of Fort Worth, TX
  • Adrienne M. of Arlington, TX
  • Eric B. of Richardson, TX
  • Cenia U. of Arlington, TX
  • Mabel S. of Odessa, TX
  • Carolyn F. of Arlington, TX
  • Gus R., the Mac Daddy of the Century!
  • Jennifer B. of Dallas, TX
  • Ty C., sender of this great gift.
    Ty's Gift

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