Interviews that Ed has had while on his quest.

  • Joel Thomas with CBS 11 News in Dallas on 1/3/2003.
  • Toronto Star on 12/23/2002 - quick interview for a piece about online beggars.
  • TIME Magazine on 12/9/2002 - quick interview for a bit on cyber-panhandlers.
  • Jay and Chrissy at KWTX in Waco, TX on 4/9/2002
  • Another interview with the guys at WEBN in Cincinnati on 3/19/2002
  • Mark at WJBC in Bloomington, IL on 3/5/2002
  • Drew and Mike at WRIF in Detroit, MI on 3/5/2002
  • Andy Allen at KMDX in San Angelo, TX. on 3/1/2002
  • Matt Curry at the Associated Press on 2/25/2002
  • WEBN in Cincinnati on 1/6/2000

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