A Hummer is a wonderful thing to own and cherish. That is why Ed is trying everything he can think of to get one.

Ed Needs A

Please give a gift of love and kindness to Ed.

That's right...your gift can make Ed one happy, humming HUMMER owner. He is not asking for much. If everyone who reads this sends him one dollar, he would be able to purchase his dream vehicle. If everyone who reads this just sends him fifty cents, he would be able to put a deposit down for his vehicle of choice. The next time you are at the local bagel shop pouring that cup of java, just remember Ed and his dream. For the cost of that one cup of coffee and bagel you could get Ed one step closer to owning that beautiful Hummer he longs for daily. Heck, you could just call the gift an early Christmas present or give it to him for his birthday (June 27). If you really wanted him to do something in return you could tell him to put your name on the list of gift bearers thanking you for your gift.

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See a list of great people/friends who have helped Ed get one step closer to happiness.

Limo Dallas - Limousine and Car Service in Dallas, TX

RWI AMERICA allows you to buy car parts online

Hummer H2 Limos - in Cleveland Ohio, Columbus, and Pittsburgh PA

2/13/08 - Still alive. Need more friendly rich folk in my life.

A list of all the interviews I have done.

Photo of a HummerIf you would like to help Ed out with his dream then send your gift of $.01 or more to:

Use PayPal.com

If you would like to send Ed email and let him know how much you care then write to .

Thanks in advance!

And please note: This is NOT a charity! It is a gift of your kindness to ease Ed's pain.

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